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Vegan AthlEats

Are you a college athlete? Do you love the environment? Is it hard for you to find quick, easy and healthy meals? Then you’re in the right place! Find out why going vegan is actually good for your sport, how veganism helps the environment and check out some vegan recipes!

Why Go Vegan?

Environmental Benefits of Veganism

It can be challenging to balance the inundation of information about what you can to do reduce your carbon footprint. Veganism is a simple way to make an impact on the environment.

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The Latest Recipes

The Ultimate Fruit Salad

The Ultimate Fruit Salad With spring in full swing and summer around the corner, fresh fruit is becoming more widely available. I’ve been craving an amazing fruit salad, and this is what I came up with! It’s delicious and makes for a great week-long snack. You could easily swap out fruits if others are in…

Avocado Toast

I love avocado toast — who doesn’t? On a weekend or a slow morning, this breakfast is so filling and delicious. There are so many options for this versatile breakfast, and I’ll give you a couple of them here!

Veggie Sushi “Rolls”

I love sushi, but I don’t have anything to make sushi rolls with (neither a rolling mat nor the skills to make a great roll). Plus, restaurant sushi can get really expensive and I always leave hungry. These sushi “rolls” fix all those problems!


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Caroline Crowley is a student at the University of Wisconsin – Madison studying Journalism and Strategic Communication with a certificate in Environmental Studies. She is enrolled in Geography 309: People, Land and Food. Read more about the author here.